Young Bud Jones with 1940 Ford

Sherman C. “Bud” Jones was born on March 31, 1924. As a U.S. Navy radio operator during WWII, his assignment included landing with U.S. Marine amphibious operations and establishing communications for the Navajo Code Talkers. Bud earned a Purple Heart for injuries suffered in the performance of his duties.

Bud obtained his Pilot’s License utilizing the G.I. Bill of Rights, and enjoyed flying private aircraft throughout his life.

A natural athlete, Bud was accomplished in boxing, football, baseball, wrestling, and golf.

Bud Jones with airplane

Bud inherited his mathematical aptitude from his mother, nee Clara Paxton. Possessing a PhD in Mathematics, Clara worked with NASA during the Mercury and Gemini programs.

In 1961, Bud was employed as an estimator for Construction Specialties, Inc, in Denver, Colorado, when he was recognized by the ownership group and offered the opportunity to establish a new enterprise, Amdak Insulation of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Bud grew that company, eventually relocating it to Rapid City, South Dakota.

Bud was recruited by Owens-Corning Fiberglass in 1967, to establish a new Power & Process Division, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. In collaboration with Elmer Gove, Bud secured contracts and managed projects around the globe. Over the course of this association, the essence of the BudWrap estimating system was conceived.

Elder Bud Jones

With Bud as the protege, Elmer the mentor brought much to the table, including a complete set of industry standard labor production rates known as the Aber System. Bud and Elmer quickly developed a winning combination, based on these rates.

When Owens-Corning modified their man-hour accounting in such a way as to skew the inherent methodology, Bud departed, in 1974, numbers intact, to launch Power Insulation of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the next decade, Bud further refined his estimating system, to account for jobsite weather and labor factors.

Bud semi-retired to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1985, yet continued to secure contracts for Durango Insulation, around southern California and Las Vegas.

We lost Bud to mesothelioma on November 16, 2002. Yet he lives on, right here.

Rhys Jones

Bud’s son Rhys Jones was born on April 11, 1955. His mathematical aptitude led the United States Marine Corps to train him as a computer programmer, immediately after Basic Training. “I didn’t pick computers. Computers picked me.” For the balance of his enlistment, Rhys was attached to Marine Aviation Supply units in the United States, Japan, and Okinawa, operating and programming Univac 1500 Computer Systems.

Rhys’s IT career spans generations and genres. Always business applications, the supporting hardware has evolved drastically over the years. By the time Rhys undertook the development of the BudWrap Estimating System, he had been programming business applications for over a decade. COBOL in the early days, then a proprietary Unix language called Action for seven years. There Rhys learned of the inherent advantages of the Unix/Linux operating systems.

The original Estimator’s Buddy predates the Internet. Modems and dial-up scripts provided access to a plain-text presentation. Colors and boxes were still in the future. Three full rewrites would occur, to arrive at the current stable and secure format. The only time the essential BudWrap package has changed in over a decade, was when the potential for PVC jacket was added several years ago. While the front end is in constant evolution, the back end runs like a Porsche.