Bud Jones maintained that Industrial Insulation, with its wide variety of sizes, coverages, and components, is the most complex trade of all in construction. Reliable Production Rates, to cover all contingincies, are difficult to locate. Labor requirements increase disproportionately with the size increases inherent in Industrial Insulation. BudWrap caters to these Projects. Commercial applications are equally served.

   The BudWrap Insulation Estimator features a complete set of Application Labor Production Tables, for both Piping and Equipment. Insulation and Jacket are included, as well as Metal Bands.
   Our collection, amassed and refined by Bud Jones over a 40-plus-year career insulating primarily Industrial projects, remains reliable and productive to this day. We also accommodate Commercial applications.

   Straight Pipe Production Rates are maintained as Linear Feet/Man-hour. Separate tables pertain to Piping conditions and constraints in the list to the right.

   All Piping sizes to 50″ O.D., 7.5″ Double Layer are included. (Larger diameters available as “Cylindrical Duct” in Equipment.)

   Industry-standard Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool, and Fiberglass rates are comprehensive and current.

   Precise Component/Man-Hour Tables apply to these Piping features:

  •     90-Degree Elbows
  •     45-Degree Elbows
  •     Sweeps
  •     Flanges
  •     Flanged Valves
  •     P-Traps
  •     End Caps
  •     Tees
  •     Reducers
  •     Fittings


   Equipment Types supported by The BudWrap Insulation Estimator:

  •     Boiler
  •     Hopper
  •     Flat Duct
  •     Cylindrical Duct
  •     Vessel Shell
  •     Vessel Head/Cone
  •     Expansion Joint
  •     Pump/Turbine/Fan/Eqpt

   Equipment Application Production Rates are maintained as Square Feet/Man-hour. Possible treatments are more varied than in Piping, yet footage/count requirements are simpler.

   Throughout the system, extensive validation is performed upon entry, to insure only valid combinations of Components and Coverages are submitted for processing.

   When specifying Metal Jacket on Flatwork, (Boiler, Hopper, Duct) BudWrap will automatically account for the supporting grid structure (given spec prices) sparing the user that exercise.


   Our exclusive Production Rates are fine-tuned to each Project by a unique system of Modifiers which will affect the table rate. These factors include Project Type, Weather extremes, and jobsite Labor Pool ratings.