Insulation and Jacket Materials

   The BudWrap Insulation Estimator offers a wide variety of Insulation and Jacket materials, for both Piping and Equipment, price rates supplied by reputable vendors.    The typical BudWrap user enjoys a volume discount at their vendor. These Discount Percents are maintained at Update Project/Piping Costs in the Project Control menu.    New BudWrap clients will enjoy up to six (6) additional material tables, from their own vendor, added to our database tables for their use. Additional available materials at a nominal rate.
   As Piping sizes grow larger in Industrial applications, often pre-formed Insulations are simply unavailable in that size. The contractor is required to improvise, and solutions are as widely varied as applications. Scored block, tri or quad sections, or blanket may be appropriate.    Metal Jacket poses similar challenges; Field Adjustments are common.    Our tables reflect an accurate spread of the prices for the three standard Insulation materials: Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool, and Fiberglass, as well as Metal Elbows. We require one sample actual price for any Table material specified, to establish a factor for subsequent conversions.