Support Labor and Jobsite Costs

   Weather and Labor ratings will affect Support Labor in the same proportion they influence Application Labor.

   Non-application costs can approach, and even exceed, actual production expenses. Examples of Support Labor include: Material movement, scaffold erection, supervision and monitoring, and cleanup. Proper accounting for these costs is essential to Job Control.

   Jobsite Costs — reflected as Support Materials in the summary below — entail hard costs including jobsite vehicles, office trailer, tools and equipment, container rental, hard hats, water coolers, trash cans, etc.

   Bud devised an ingenious method of projecting these expenses as factors of application man-hours, and affected by a variety of conditions: Certain Project Types are more inherently difficult than others — a nuclear power plant or oil refinery will entail more heights than a pipeline, eg, and require more lifts, as appropriate. BudWrap accounts for these variations.