Unit Prices

   Whether quoting Additions and Changes, or billing for Field Changes, you will find our Unit Prices invaluable. All expenses are included, in addition to Materials and Labor, including the appropriate proportion of Support Labor and Jobsite Costs. Increases in labor requirements are disproportional with corresponding increases in pipe size, particularly in Industrial and Mechanical projects. Molded sizes are often unavailable, and some improvisation may be required. Our tables are accurate for any pipe size you will encounter.
   BudWrap maintains precise Component/Man Hour tables for 90-degree Elbows, 45-degree Elbows, Fittings, Flanges, and Flanged Valves. A quick glance at these rates will reveal little relation to the Straight Pipe rate, and the variations are more drastic as size increases. Your accurate proposal secured the project, and the same algorithms and tables produce Unit Prices.
   Piping Unit Prices are produced upon New Piping Component entry, utilizing Jobsite Conditions existing at the time of entry, and are hence viewable with Piping Component detail. They are revised upon Update of that component — advisable if any Jobsite Conditions change. This resource will produce accurate quotes for the duration of the Project.