Sherman C. “Bud” Jones was born March 31, 1924, near Bristow, Oklahoma. As a U.S. Navy Radio Operator during World War II, Bud landed with U.S. Marine amphibious missions in the Pacific, and established communications for the Navajo Code Talkers. Bud earned a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the performance of his duties.

   Following college on the G.I. Bill, Bud worked in the oilfields of Texas and Oklahoma, ultimately launching Amdak Insulation of South Dakota in 1961.

   Owens-Corning Fiberglass retained Bud in 1967, to launch their new Power & Process division, specializing in large industrial and mechanical projects. Elmer Gove collaborated, providing the last known set of the Aber system production rates, an industry standard for decades.

   Together, Bud and Elmer set a new standard, procuring projects of many varieties, notably the Anti-Ballistic Missile Complex in North Dakota, Trojan Nuclear in Washington State, and the Alaska Pipeline.

   Bud established Power Insulation Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1975. For the next twenty-plus years, he refined the production rates, introducing factors to account for variables including jobsite weather and labor conditions.

   Expanding worldwide, Bud secured contracts on power plants and oil refineries from Guam to South America to the Middle East. His last major project with Power Insulation was Palo Verde Nuclear outside Phoenix, where he semi-retired, then winning projects around Southern California and Las Vegas for Durango Insulation of San Diego, California.

Bud succumbed to mesothelioma — a cancer of the lining of the lungs, caused by exposure to asbestos — on November 16, 2002. He retained his sense of humor throughout the ordeal.

Prior to Internet prominence, contracts were awarded at meetings of the subcontractors called “bid lettings.” At one such meeting, for a ground-up 3-unit coal-fired power generating facility in Trona, California, it was overheard: “Bud Jones is here? We might as well go home.” Indeed, Bud was awarded almost every contract he sought, including that one. The automated BudWrap system captures all of the nuances of his unique estimating system, and represents his legacy, the result of his lifetime efforts.

Bud’s son Rhys Jones was selected and trained as a computer programmer by the United States Marine Corps, for their recently automated Aviation Supply program, in 1974. “I didn’t pick computers” notes Rhys “computers picked me.”

Following his service, Rhys programmed business applications for another fifteen years, prior to the advent of the BudWrap system. By the time he undertook BudWrap in 1992, (then Estimator’s Buddy) Rhys was fully cognizant of the inherent structural and security advantages of databases over spreadsheets, and Unix/Linux over Windows®. Through five versions since, first accomodating Graphical User Interfaces, then mobile devices, the BudWrap Insulation Estimator has retained the integrity and accuracy of Bud’s original system. New materials have been incorporated, and Commercial applications facilitated. Old meets new, combining the best of both worlds.

Rhys calls beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado home, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. When not refining BudWrap, (while enjoying WWOZ streaming from New Orleans) Rhys might be found skiing, pedaling, paddling, or driving those mountains.

“May you enjoy the fruits of our collective labors!!” — Rhys