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Application Labor costs can exceed Materials. Our proprietary tables and time-proven formulas assure that your proposal will be the most accurate estimate submitted.

Support Labor and Jobsite Costs can comprise up to a third of your overall expenditures. Vehicles, tools, office trailers, and scaffold erection are just a few examples. BudWrap budgets these in.

Weather and Labor factors will affect both Application and Support. The contractor’s assessment of these influences will affect the bottom line.

Our stock selection of Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool, and Fiberglass prices covers all sizes and thicknesses of Piping Insulation you will encounter. It is easily tailored to your discounted rates. We can also incorporate prices from your vendor into our database. Jacket is equally flexible.

BudWrap also provides coverage for many types of process equipment, including:

  • Boilers
  • Square and Round Ducts
  • Vessels and Tanks. Heads and Cones
  • Hoppers
  • Equipment (Fans, Pumps, etc)

The original BudWrap tables and formulas have been enhanced to accommodate inclement weather and new materials. They remain accurate and productive, even after decades of service.

Management Tools For Maximizing Profits

Unit Prices

Unit Prices will prove beneficial in two situations:

  • Field Change Billing
  • Addition/Change Quote

Piping Unit Prices are reported as $/LF for Straight Pipe. In addition. a $/EA amount is provided for:

  • Elbows
  • Flanges
  • Valves
  • Tees
  • Fittings
  • P-Traps
  • Caps

Equipment Unit Prices are on a $/SF basis.

Insulation Construction Management
Unit Prices
Insulation Job Control

Job Control

Accurate tracking of actual man-hours devoted to particular tasks — either Application, or Support — for both Insulation and Jacket — enables Job Control, or actual production to this point, compared to projections. The resulting Bar Chart quickly displays relative progress, and may be used to identify areas of concern. Detail level can be as general as the entire Project, or more specific, to Bid Item and Line levels.

Many tasks are classified as Support: Scaffold erection, material movement, supervision, cleanup, among others. Sometimes proportioning is in order.

A side benefit from the time devoted to this tracking is the recovery of resources lost to undocumented field changes, chargeable at Unit Price rates.

Superior Platform and Methodology

BudWrap Estimator User

Our proprietary Production tables, as well as your private takeoff and costs, are safe and secure on a Linux web server. Your unique BudWrap installation is encrypted, password-protected, and available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Internet service.

All BudWrap users enjoy our latest features as they become available. System enhancements are performed late at night, invisible to clients.

Our Linux-based architecture, combined with a robust database, offer ease-of-use and time-saving features unavailable in competing spreadsheets. Clients familiar with both systems report takeoff input time cut in half, using the BudWrap protocol.

The button below provides access to a full BudWrap Estimating System, including all screens and reports.

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BudWrap Covers The World

From coast to coast, Alaska to South America, Middle East to Far East, BudWrap has secured contracts and built major projects worldwide. 

The link below provides the viewer with a video tour of a few of the projects procured and built using the BudWrap estimating protocol.

Palo Verde Workers

A Tradition of Success

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BudWrap History

BudWrap traces its roots from industry standards common a century ago, to State-of-the-Art Internet protocols used widely today. Our unique Estimating package offers the contractor the best of the Old and the New. Read the details here: